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TECHNIQUES – "Switch" (Mike Millrain Remix) [Download]

British singer and multi-instrumentalist James Mullholland, aka TECHNIQUES, is the newest addition to the Kitsuné roster with his debut Switch EP. The original is a poignant, slow-burning track with heady synths and haunting vocals from Mullholland. TECHNIQUES has an interesting and multidimensional style that touches on new wave and post-punk while still maintaining a solid dance pop façade. Literally pulling a switch, the track has moments that are serene but then takes a turn into fits of serious dancing.

Along with the original mix, the Switch EP comes with a stripped down acoustic version of the track, as well as a deep house remix from Let The Machines Do The Work and Mike Millrain's remix. Mike Millrain amps up the dance energy for his remix, which Kitsuné is offering as a free download from their SoundCloud. The British dj/producer gives a fresh and lively 2-step UK garage version of the original that will set you off in a shuffle.



Switch EP

  • Kitsuné
  • December 3, 2013
Dance · Dark Pop · House · Indie


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