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Shy Girls – "Still Not Falling" (Dutty Wilderness Remix)

Unexpected. That's the one word I would use to describe this refix from Seattle's own Dutty Wilderness. Taking Shy Girls' "Still Not Falling," and basically turning its structure on its head, the Washington based producer has brewed nothing short of a perfect concoction of interesting audible formation and successful unconventionality with the modifications he's made to the affectionate original. Even considering some of the fantastic additives- a fitting set of piano chords, a crystal clear beat insert, and pitch adjustments- he's integrated, his sprinkling of fragments like the running guitar and assorted samples of verse and lyric from the prototype appear in all the right places, making a song that is entirely foreign, but also completely recognizable. The best of both the unorthodox and customary musical worlds, this track is also up for free download. Catch it below. 





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