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Innershades - "Gravure" [Premiere]

Looking back at the year, it's easily said that 2013 saw plenty of fresh names added to our crate collection. One standout musician that  had us moving was Belgian producer, Thomas Blanckaert, who rocks dance floors by the moniker of Innershades. Living in a country well known for its enriched musical history, it comes to no surprise that Blanckaert steps into the game establishing a floor-ready sound that's quickly picking up among clubbers. Debuting the much charted That Girl EP under Ukrainian label, Wicked Bass, the follow-up effort  for Crème Organization, No Stopping, made another solid imprint that quickly cleared shelves on web shops.


With  no sign of slowing his creative flow, Innershades closes the year with a sophomore EP for Wicked Bass titled, Gravure. The four-tracker rallies a throwback house vibe from start to finish. Listening to this, there's no question that  Blanckaert is a diamond in the rough with an exciting year ahead of him. And just to make things better, he's given EARMILK an exclusive stream at the title track, "Gravure". Centering on an enticing Bollywood-meets-Chicago warehouse feel, this track rattles a fiery party energy that'll lift you from your seat and onto the dancefloor. Full of hearty kicks and loud claps there's no way anyone will stay idle listening to this bomb. Enjoy!


stream: Innershades - Gravure


For more info on Innershades and his Gravure EP, check out the links below. 




  • Wicked Bass
  • 2013-12-16




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7 years ago

“: #EARMILK : Innershades - "Gravure" [Premiere] - http://t.co/0QPcZjlBzh @innershades”