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Taste Tester x Treekeeper - "6AMPS2" [Download]

It's hard to find a girl who plays video games until the sun comes up, especially while they're challenging your significant other's knowledge about your gaming habits.  When the minds of Taste Tester & Treekeeper come together, that girl is sure to be on the other end of an iPhone asking the only important question; "Does she know that you like to play PS2 'til 6 in the morning?"  Aside from the hypnotizing vocal loops, these two producers build upon their own personal styles while creating a unique vibe in "6AMPS2".

Both Taste Tester and Treekeeper are coming off of their own excellent remixes (Anytime / Body Party) with a style that merges R&B and Jersey Club, making "6AMPS2" a fitting new track in their discographies. From the start, any Playstation owner will get an instant wave of nostalgia as the console's start up sound fades perfectly into the digital buzz that drives the song.  Sounds from the early Playstation commercials, including the robot voice, are heard throughout as it becomes the sonic equivalent of a luminescent screen with your favorite PS2 game lighting the room.   The harmonious and bass heavy tune balances the line over to double-time as it progresses, eventually winding up into a club-influenced beat that feels like a PS4 release party in Japan.  In honor of the new era, lets step back for a moment, break out Final Fantasy X, and listen to "6AMPS2" on repeat.

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Bass · Chillwave · Electronic · Juke · Synth


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