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Lulu Rouge – "Sign Me Out" (Feat. Fanney Osk) (Lulu Rouge Remix)

Lulu Rouge designed a remix of their own track, which comes to us as if it were a soundscape that should have been left in a dream. The remix is on their personal label and is part of an eight track EP, featuring several other remixes from Hankat, Jacob Phono and Klartraum. Lulu Rouge and a few other artists on this album are based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Ranging from experimental to deep house, the EP provides a smooth mix of tracks from one remix to the next, starting with Lulu Rouge's personal work.

Deciding to take on a challenge rarely seen by most producers, Lulu Rouge remixes their single. With an eerie beat and dreamy synths, the remix creeps on you in waves. The vocals of Fanney Osk are silky and bone chilling, when the beat kicks the whole entire structure really catches you off guard. Starting off as music you'd fade away to, it quickly turns vivid with electronic licks of sound that keep the atmosphere. The second peek hits you with a classic wave of deep house to pound away to. You can listen to the track and can grab the remix with the rest of the EP below. 

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