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Chiara Noriko - "Lost"

As I struggle to get through the rest of this gruesome week, I can't help but stop and show some love to the soothing, time-slowing jams that have been making everything a little more bearable. I was pleased to come across one of Berlin's hidden gems, Chiara Noriko, an alternative/r&b style vocalist whose airy vocals and dreamy ambience gently carry listeners to a distant space. Her debut single "Lost," is strikingly simple and airy. There are no heavy drums, no basslines, nothing. Just synth and serenity. Noriko cries out in beautiful despair and expresses her frustration with being lost and not knowing where to go in life, something we've all faced in our own lives. The relatable lyrics conjure visuals of the artist's almost untouchable yet visible vulnerability, through which she crafts her own melancholy lullaby. 

Chiara Noriko is definitely a new addition to the realm of music as her Youtube covers only began popping up in 2011, but 43 videos and one single later, we can only applaud her progression. If you're in need of a serious stress reliever, this track is for you. Lie down, turn off the lights, close your eyes, and get lost in this.

Alternative · Ambient · R&B


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