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The Golden Pony - "Tiny Purple Fishes" [Premiere]

Sampling is an art that can be executed really well or really poorly. Legendary hip-hop producer Jay Dilla was a master at sampling and has been admired and revered by many musicians as the king of sampling. Brooklyn based badasses The Golden Pony took the classic acid rock track “Tales Of Brave Ulysses” from Cream and sampled the hallucinogenic hook seamlessly into a trippy acid house original.  The redundancy of the track is indicative of a spiritual quest of the lysergic sort.  As the vocals swell and pan back and forth the lyrics resound, “Tiny purple fishes run laughing through your fingers.” As the song progresses you can practically feel the tiny purple fishes swimming through your fingers and slithering up your body to kiss your cerebellum with blissful melodies. Hats off to The Golden Pony on their first original release, if you dig this one be sure to swim on over to their soundcloud for more delicious decibels.

House · Psychedelic


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