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Cham – "Bend Down" (Feat. O) (Ackeejuice Rockers Remix) [Exclusive Download]

It's Wednesday and that means that we at EARMILK are getting ready to party. For us that means one crucial thing- we need to find some great music for us to vibe with. Enter Ackeejuice Rockers, a duo from Venice, Italy that is definitely showing the world, one listener at a time, how Italians can get down. While Italy's party scene was done absolutely no justice by the likes of some Americans taking over (with shows like Jersey Shore), it seems like the actually interesting stuff was much hidden from the cameras; if these guys can party as hard as this song, we're about to book a flight to Italy right now for some much R&R (raving and… more raving).

It's a super fun song that doesn't require much thinking, that's not to bash the track, frankly a little more body movement and little less thinking about the intricacies and conspiracies of the world is welcomed at this point in the day. Not that they don't know how to be deep and complicated- they recently worked with Kanye West as a co-producer on "Guilt Trips." They're definitely guys to keep an eye out for, and we've got Kanye to back us on this one.

EARMILK has managed to snag this one as an exclusive download (which you can do here for a Facebook like), and they also have a track out on Overcooked Records called "Victims," also posted below.

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