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Shocking Pinks – "Not Gambling"

The Shocking Pinks are difficult to explain. Although they occasionally venture into the traditional (think “This Aching Deal” from their eclectic 2007 release), Nick Harte usually straddles the land of the strange, a weirder, kinkier version of Chad VanGaalen.

"Guilt Mirrors" is the third release (their first since 2008) with "Not Gambling" as the first single. With Harte’s Say Hi-lyricism vying against complicated stick work and, at times, nearly cacophonous hi-hats, the track defines itself with opposition. The verse is reflective and elusive, which serves to offset the chorus, a kick drum carrying us through the break into lyrical constancy, bright snares, and walking bass. "Not Gambling" is unsettling by design, making you feel uncomfortable only to make you feel comfortable again.

Dreampop · Shoegaze


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