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Cherokee - "Don't Matter" Feat. (FKJ Remix)

Parisian Producer FKJ has a way of captivating his listeners in his sometimes upbeat, sometimes downtempo, but always groovy tunes. With a name like French Kiwi Juice excellence is anticipated and excellence is delivered. His latest track is a remix of “Don’t Matter” by Frenchie house duo Cherokee. Oscillating synths run up and down the chromatic scale, transcending us through space and time into a far away galaxy of smooth soulful disco.  The original melody remains but FKJ chops up the framework and delivers vocal blurbs at all the right times. If you like a combo of house and disco that saddle up and ride this pony. Hate the track? You can say whatever you like, it don’t matter at all.

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Dance · Deep House · Disco


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