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Robin Thicke – "Give It 2 U" (Trippy Turtle Remix)

Catching the tail end of the Robin Thick craze that dominated the mainstream market, Trippy Turtle rejuvenates "Give It 2 U" into a borderline danceable anthem. Marked as the turtle's first official remix, "Give It 2 U" is a bubbly seam-buster that mainly sports a laidback centerfold but throughout centralized breaks take listeners for a spin. As the party seems to be on the decline Trippy kicks the night back into gear with a heavy bass and pulsing synths through the finale that should have everyone at least bobbing their head to the beat.

As Trippy Turtles SoundCloud tagline reads, most of his music support a "Take it easy" mindset as the producer's tunes stick to the Jersey Club sultry, yet elevated RnB mindset. While the producer's rise is imminent there is a large sense of mystery behind who Trippy Turtle actually is, as some have assumed that it could be Cashmere Cat's alter-ego, others believe that the name actually stands for a collective of US producers that work with Jeremih and 2 Chainz.

Whoever Trippy Turtle is or isn't, one thing is for sure, within "Give It 2 U" Trippy Turtle mimics a few tricks out of Cashmere Cat's book in terms of effects.


Dance · Experimental


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