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Andrew Rayel - "Dark Warrior" [Video]

Up-to-the-minute EDM fans know the name Andrew Rayel as the biggest promise in modern trance music, with the potential to lead them into a new land of both explosive parties and exquisite production. Ranked #28 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 of 2013, Rayel is a truly unique trance DJ and producer, with a characteristic style in the genre that has not gone unnoticed. His production chops include intermingling chopped up vocals with piano, strings, influential synths and classical samples to create a sound worthy of constant features in Armin Van Buuren’s acclaimed radio show “A State of Trance.”

New music video for his second 2013 single “Dark Warrior” was released via YouTube yesterday and has already racked up a considerable rack of views. As his style of trance falls down upon the audience, the power of his production in the genre shows on their faces, and in the movement of their bodies. The video itself is the craziest dance night an EDM fan could imagine, full of fist pumps and raised arms, and a celebration of Rayel’s rise to prominence. 

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