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DVBBS – "We Are Electric" (Fracx Remix)

Revisiting DVBBS's track "We Are Electric" that came out earlier this year it's easy to remember the power the Canadian brothers packed in the electro house song. Now add in some subtle remix production from Fracx and you've got an incredible track. The remix softens some of the heavier elements while intensifying the emotional breaks and synths. Based out of New Zealand, Fracx is a 19 year old producer that is known for pulling at your heart strings on his tracks. I first heard him on his release of "In Your Memory" about a year ago and not only was I moved by the song, but I also had it on repeat for way longer than normal. While this is the first we're seeing from Fracx in a while, this song is electric and I hope to continue to see more from both Fracx and DVBBS sooner rather than later.



DVBBS – "We Are Electric" (Remix)

Electro · House


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