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Lenno - Never Stop [EP]

I’ve watched Finnish producer Lenno transform over the past two years via his Soundcloud, and it’s been a journey of club remixes that have recently morphed into nu disco synth pop. And with the release of his EP Never Stop out today on HeavyRoc Music, it seems he’s found his true voice. Never Stop is a moment of four addicting, poppy tracks that sound like they’re hits that have already made their way into the history books as an old vinyl that you might accidentally discover as a long lost hit from the 1980s, that has somehow maintained relevance in today’s musical world. The stand out track from the EP is a major one, featuring Zak Waters, and is one that you’ll just want to listen to over and over again, maybe with a little self loathing for how just plain good and pop-driven it is. The first label release that we’ve seen from Lenno, Never Stop is a whole new beginning where we look forward to see what’s next.

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Never Stop [EP]

  • HeavyRoc Music
  • HR012


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