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CVIRO – Elevation EP [Stream + Premiere]

 A singer has a lot of decisions to make when they begin their career. If not careful, the decisions they make in regard to their styles and sounds can vastly influence what they will be remembered (or not) for potentially years to come. Choose wrong, and this decision can harm greatly. 

CVIRO, a young and handsome man from across the Equator, definitely seems to have made the right decision in regards to his career. We've written about him before, and this time, we've got a stream of his upcoming EP. The 11 track release all hold a similar emotional depth that blends the complexity of The Weeknd's Trilogy of mixtapes, with enough of a pop flair to attract a whole range of fans. While he may show no real interest in popularity and fame, his music certainly will. 




Elevation EP

  • November 5, 2013
Dark Pop · Pop · R&B


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