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C Plus – "25" [Video]

Everyday, we go about our daily lives, innocently unaware of some of our fellowman's tribulations. There is nothing we can do about it, except attempt to educate ourselves, but alas to get a firm grasp of what is really going on requires a lifetime of study, which only a tiny portion of people are lucky enough to do. However, since we can't lock ourselves in a library all day or read every newspaper daily, we can listen to those around us in hopes of getting a glimpse into their world, a place we might be able to change. Music serves the same purpose sometimes, but on a grander scale. If we tune in and are open to learn, artists impart a little bit of their lives onto their records and allow us to partake in their journey through life.

C Plus does just that in his latest video "25". The song has a slight depressing tone, but is mostly dominated with a sense of overcoming and righteousness. He doesn't come off as preachy, but genuine in his concern for the community and youth growing up in the streets. You can tell that he confronted some of the issues he talks about before, and he doesn't place so much value on take the supposed "road less traveled", he just wants people to make it. "It was either Pro tools or be pro with the caine/ So I went against the 'Os' like I was Pro-McCain," his determination is inspiring, but his condition is haunting. On the hook, he prays that he and his friend make it to 25, which is a chilling reminder that their lives are so fragile. 

Rather than splicing scenes of deplore ghetto lifestyles or kids holding guns, Plus' video is a visual collage of his neighborhood and his performances. It is surprisingly upbeat and bright, which falls aligns with the go-getter attitude of the song. Kids are the focus of much of the video, the camera is filled with their laughs and smiles; you can't help but feel happy when watching it. C Plus and his friends are having a good time, which is a slight reminder to those who don't think they can make it, to keep on trying, because the reward is better than their condition. 


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