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Tei Shi – "Nevermind The End"

Tei Shi's "Nevermind The End" premiered on November 1, and has since copped quite the following. Fusing contributing elements of future pop, indie pop and electronica, the Brooklyn-based vocalist invades our speakers with the second single (after "M&Ms") known to her upcoming EP titled Saudade. The self-release (debuting on November 12) is shaping up to be defined as what Tei Shi describes as "mermaid music", as both "M&Ms" and "Nevermind The End" softly glisten. 

"Nevermind The End" in particular is silky in its production, with distorted lyrical moments that decorate the sonically diverse track. The dark pop quality playfully engages with the acoustical guitar riffs and contrasted billowing synth. 

We've only got a few days before Saudade hits the airwaves. Sit tight in the meantime. 

Dark Pop · Electronic · Indie · R&B


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