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Phoenix Martins – "Sideways" [Video]

Once in a while we find an artist who is a transplant of sorts, and perhaps even from a different time. London based artist Phoenix Martins has released her official music video for new single “Sideways,” which is smooth in the modern sense, but appropriately authentic and honest. The track itself is positively ethereal, and the simplistic video, in which Martins stands in a pure white Victorian style dress is the perfect compliment to it. Her long braided hair falls over her shoulders and frames her angelic face as she stares at herself in an ornamented mirror hung on a bare white wall. And let’s not forget her vocals and lyrics, which are soft-spoken and almost otherworldly, that resonate in the video as she moves her arms in ghostly motions in the mirror’s reflection. She gazes into it as if to ask herself, "Who am I?" Her acting, and that clearly projected emotion is an asset to the music video, and is only one of its strong suits. 

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