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Various - Ganondorf [EP]

End Of Level Boss is a joint project from Tusk and Cyclonix celebrating the world of video game technostalgia through electronic music. This isn't your typical Tetris hard house remixes, but more of an ode video game badasses. This release is named after a sorcerer and shapeshifter from the Zelda video games, Ganondorf. The debut EP shows multiple facets of the label by four distinct artists. Did I mention the artwork is like something from of a Nintendo game cover?

All four tracks of the EP are strong. Appian's "G381" hits home with it's deep, blissful vibe. The pads are dreamy while the bass is groovin'. The same can't be said of NDV's "Chestivation" however. The second tune of the release ups the dirtiness factor. The shuffling loop is enough to keep you going, but once the bass line and industrial synths and stabs drop, things just gets plain filthy. Next up, label co-head Cyclonix lays down a stripped back number, "Rising Tide", which combined with arpeggios, begs the sun to come up. This is very reminiscent of some early rave stuff, like! Rounding out the EP is "Lock out". Nubian Mindz dishes out a big, industrial techno tune that should really only get played on a big sound system. To say the track is a mind fuck that drills you with energy would be an understatement. This is proper no nonsense techno. No doubt the debut release shows promise. Wonder what boss is next? 


This puppy is vinyl only. Support the label.

Electronica · House · Techno


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