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D/R/U/G/S – "You Are Everywhere" (Feat. Rebecca Rivers)

UK producer Callum Wright, aka D/R/U/G/S, has a moniker that conjures all sorts of mischief and scandal when your mind gets to thinking. It’s a bold choice for a name, but Wright has the production to charm your doubts. “You Are Everywhere” grabs you with its warm chords, effervescence, and pulsating beat. Blending elements of techno and house, D/R/U/G/S tends to lean toward a spaced-out production. The end result is quite beautiful. Rebecca Rivers is new on the scene, as this is her first release. Her voice is the sort that lends itself to dreamy production, adding a sweet and innocent touch to the track. “You Are Everywhere” will be available from Bad Life as a single on October 31, followed by an EP later this year. 



"You Are Everywhere" (Feat. Rebecca Rivers)

  • Bad Life
  • 2013-10-31
Dance · Electronic · Synth Pop


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