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Lorine Chia - "Might Come Around" [Video]

Lorine Chia's voice reaches through your headphone or speakers and slowly beats you down into beautiful jazzy submission. She defies genre categorization. Neo-soul cannot properly encapsulate all of her intricate vocal nuances and her upbeat mannerisms; R&B's vagueness creates too many generalities that are not of any use when discussing her music or style. Nonetheless, the two previous classifications have had strong influences on her music, but she refuses to be limited to them. Chia inherited jazz singers' confident sensual flavor, blues musicians' swagger, seventies' soulful funk, and hip hops' undeniable rhythms, combining them into a familiar, yet unique sound. One that grips you and doesn't let go until the album is finished. 

Her first single, "Might Come Around", and it's accompanying visuals capture her burgeoning brilliance. Nate Fox, of Acid Rap fame, handled the production on this one, choosing to keep a lot of space available for the songbird to play around with. A sitar riff, reminiscent of Beatles era psychedelic music, and soft keys play take a back seat to the funky bass guitar and kick drum blend that really drives the song; brash vocal samples are thrown in that provide the track with a hip hop vibe, and Chia is practically sing-raping in the style of Drake. However, her range and ability far out due the Degressi star or anyone else trying to do this, and it comes out gorgeous. Even though it is mostly a braggadocio track, she manages to make it sound chill, her poise causes it to be cool.

The video minimalism is pretty interesting. About four people are in the video, aside for Chia, contributing athletic choreography or blessing the track with their swagger. Lorine looks domineering as if she is in full control; standing alone in front of a white screen crooning triumphantly, as if her she already owned the game. Action shots are few and far between, forcing your eyes to focus on her, while her smooth tones beckon to you like the sirens' songs did to passing sailors, cunningly intoxicating you, until she has once again manipulated you into pressing the replay button one last time, for the third time.

She can become a great songstress, who should definitely be on you radar. Her Naked Truth EP is available to stream on her soundcloud and it is filled with wonderful music for you to enjoy. If you like this song, checking out the rest of her catalog would be a great idea.  

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