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Son Lux - "Easy"

"Easy" is the latest single that Son Lux teases us with in anticipation of Lanterns, his album set to be released October 29. This producer and composer, Ryan Lott, experiments with nostalgic world music while integrating an electronic energy. It leaves us in a meditative state, oozing a hazy warmness that never fades away. 

Lanterns as a whole "finds a peculiar congruency between futuristic soul and ancient sentiment", according to Son Lux's Bancamp. The 10 track album features an array of juxtaposition, displaying orchestral pop (evident in "Lost It To Trying") while tipping its hat off to minimalist layering, featuring Lott's introspective vocal capabilities.  

Son Lux really caught my eye with his 2012 release of "Flickers", which has never really left me. Now that he is signed with Joyful Noise, Lott has been catapulted to a space of recognition he deserves. Lanterns will mark his third album to date, which seems to contain an impressive ensemble of experimental tracks that are sure to gain him even more notoriety. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/112267227" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Recently, Son Lux tweeted about this YouTube video (at current, with only 90 views), that depicts "Easy" in the most haunting yet beautiful way. Kudos to Mychael Helmz (or whoever is behind this mysterious concoction). Take a look. 

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