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Cosmo's Midnight - "Surge" (Willow Beats Remix) [Premiere]

If our listeners aren’t familiar with Sydney’s Cosmo’s Midnight to this point they best take note. The duo’s airy experimental take on indie electronic music has been floating through the airwaves across the states since the release of their debut single earlier this year. While they have drawn comparisons to Purity Ring with their acclaimed single "Phantasm", upon releasing their debut EP Surge they proved that they are far from one dimensional. In doing so managed to catch the attention of other producers, including Willow Beats, who will all take a share of an upcoming remix compilation of songs from the EP.

While the Willow Beats name isn’t overly established, their provided remix of the title track from Cosmo and Patrick's debut should take a strong part in solidifying their name. Beginning with waves taking the listener out into the wake they quickly latch onto a heavy groove, utilizing low-toned bass to balance out an almost eerie lingering forefront. As the remix progresses the male and female duo showcase their keen ability, interlocking the cutting bass into bubbly tones, capturing the feeling of being drizzled on while being washed out to see. Upon listening through Willow Beats' ability to create two standalone sections of the track with a seamless transition shines bright.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/115503708" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Expect both Cosmo’s Midnight and Willow Beats to pull in attention from all angles when the remix compilation is released next month.


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