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Aaliyah - "One In A Million" (Kill Frenzy Remix) [Download]

Aaliyah remixes are kind of like finding a needle in a needle stack- there are thousands of them out there, and not too many of them are all too memorable. She's an icon who made it to the 27 club through one of the most tragic ways possible, and an ode to her seems necessary for a lot of producers in the game today. 

Kill Frenzy however, has managed to bring forth something fresh, and it just may be the one strand of hay in the stack. Switching between fast and slow, manipulating Aaliyah's vocals to work for him like puppets on a string. The track creatively goes back and forth between breakdowns and its faster paced booty shake worthy counterparts, unbound by the normal rules of dance music. It's a fun track that's worth a listen. Plus, it happens to be a free download on his new label, Stay X Gold

His next show will be in November in the UK before he ventures down under to Subsonic Music Festival.

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One in a Million

  • Stay X Gold
  • October 14, 2013
Dance · Deep House · Pop


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