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Artifakts - "Bourbon Breaks"

The Wisconsin laid-back future funk/electronic hip-hop producer Artifakts is back with another slice of easing beats that finds the producer experimenting within his comfort zone. Where Artifakts' songs usually chime in at around the two minute mark, as they are mainly beat samples, through "Bourbon Breaks" he add more elements to the table, allowing them all to fully develop into a standalone track through four minutes. 

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Drawing apparent inspiration off of both Pretty Lights and Gramatik, throughout "Bourbon Breaks" listeners will find many head nods towards their direction in the form of the overall soulful style and the washed out electronics. Garret Meyer (Artifakts) paves his way to the groove-filled finale sampling a funky bass-line, introducing descending electronic synth melodies and using a hushed, sustained flute to fill out the background. One key to "Bourbon Breaks" appeal is that Meyer allows every layer to shine out before introducing another, climaxing at the elastic and distorted synth before fading out.

Experimental · Future Funk


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