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Surkin - "Oedo 606" [Video]

About two years ago, I was pretty obsessed with going through my Stumbleupon account and spending copious amounts of time looking through the science section, mostly because there were a lot of space facts and photos, and lets be real, all of that stuff is pretty freaking cool. 

One thing I found was this site that went from the smallest particle (that's probably not the right word) we currently know about, to the largest mass. Basically a zoom in and out of the universe, detailing all of the tiny stuff we can't discern with our eyes, and at the same time showing us how insignificantly small we are in comparison to the context of the giant universe we happen to have found ourselves in. 

For his new music video, producer and DJ, Surkin, has used this same idea to highlight the fantastic detail that has gone into his track, "Oedo 606." Starting from the smallest blocks, the camera pans out further and further until it comes back down to the smallest fragments. Displayed with fantastical colors, Surkin has managed to evoke the beauty of the world we don't have the capability to fully see. 

Advanced Entertainment System as an EP came out this spring, but a deluxe version of the EP is out now with remixes by Sam Tiba, French Fries, Samo Sound Boy, Myd, and Boston Bun. Surkin also has a show this weekend in France, as well as other upcoming performances around Europe. 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/86387202" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

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