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Forest Swords - "Thor's Stone" [Video]

Forest Swords aka Matthew Barnes, released his debut album Engravings earlier this year. Today, he released visuals for his cut from Engravings titled “Thor’s Stone.” The video for “Thor’s Stone” is imaginative and captivating. Shot on the streets of downtown Los Angeles in the middle of the night, the video features Spanish dancer Guzman Rosado performing solo. With the concrete as his stage, Guzman puts on a mesmerizing display of dance skill. The music of Forest Swords blends perfectly to the movements of Rosado.

Forest Swords and director Dave Ma’s vision came to fruition, while pulling an all-nighter.  Ma says “there was a moment around3am when I felt a pure sense of all the elements coming together perfectly… I made him dance repeatedly for about eight hours through the night… There was no one for miles around, just Forest Swords echoing out of a boom box.” The video is quite an accomplishment for Ma, especially considering how it was shot. Creating a unique music video is no easy task. 

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