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Jaide - "This Flame" [Video]

Whenever a woman decides to enter the rap game, she'll almost always be viewed upon as being a female that's a rapper instead of a rapper that's a female. Though the ladies in the genre have been met with an unfortunate minority status over the years, it's fantastic to see this trend finally changing.

Canadian lyricist Jaide is poised to be one of the standout artists from the pack, and her dynamic flows and appetite for destruction are obvious in her latest video. "This Flame" has the Edmontonian drops some lyrically dense and acute bars over this Bangladesh-produced instrumental that originally appeared on Hell: The Sequel from Bad Meets Evil, which is comprised of Detroit natives Eminem and Royce da 5'9".

What makes the track and the visuals so effective is Jaide's ability to make the song her own; I'd argue that her version goes toe-to-toe with the original, if not better. Whereas Em and Royce decided to take shots at a number of today's pop stars, "This Flame"  has the female emcee offer her views on the fallacies that men and women have in mind when it comes to looking for a partner.

The video adds to the experience by coming together as a proper narrative and harnessing a campy visual affair to the track. With its use of  1950s radio program "Escape" (some of you older readers might remember that program) and the the robotic actions of the models that would make Tim Burton blush, the video adds an element that isn't prevalent in most artists' work. Let's hope to hear more from Jaide in the near future.




This Flame

  • September 15th, 2013


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Just Jaide
8 years ago

Much love on the review! Y'all rock! <3