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Earmilk Interview: DJ VICE

Long a staple of the Vegas club scene, Eric Aguirre (better known to the world as DJ VICE) continues to tear up dancefloors around the world with his sets.  Known for his eclectic taste in music, and having DJed professionally for over 20 years, VICE has long mastered the ability to seamlessly blend various genres into incredibly cohesive, high-energy sets.

Also a producer, he's crafted songs like "Revengeance" (featuring Kemal Golden), refining his production craft as he climbs various DJ top ten lists around the world.  EARMILK recently had the chance to speak with the artist about his background, career, and future goals in music.

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EARMILK: What was your first introduction to dance music? Do you remember what your parents would listen to when you were younger?
VICE: My first introduction to dance music was through my older brother and sisters listening to high energy disco - everything from Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam to New Order to Shannon. My brother changed things up in the house when he started listening to groups like Ministry, Front 242, and Depeche Mode, which definitely changed my ears into learning new sounds in music. I followed up with all these music styles and learned about house music in 1991 through artists like Black Box and DJ's like Todd Terry. During all this my parents would listen to Doobie Brothers as well as Sergio Mendes
EM: You've experienced a fair amount of success at a relatively young age. Are there any lessons you've taken away thus far when it comes to your career? What are some goals you would like to see yourself accomplish in the near future? Or long term?
V: I definitely learned that being a good person and treating people with respect can take you a long way. This industry is filled with a lot of shady people, so if you are a true individual who's respected for your reputation, you can definitely stand out. I have also learned to only get involved in things you truly love, don't just go for the money because it will come and go. I have so many goals I still want to accomplish, such as playing more festivals worldwide as well as having a Top 10 Beatport record and Top 10 iTunes single!

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EM: Throughout your career, your productions have incorporated many different genres of music. Recent tracks have ranged from electro-house to progressive, to trap and moombahton. What are some of your influences when you began production on a new track or remix?
V: I have no rules to what I play in my DJ sets, so why have rules when I produce? I listen to all types of music, so I want to be able to produce records that reflect my DJ sets. 
EM: With that, how often would you say you listen to new music? 
V: Daily! I don't have a hobby, I have a passion, and it is MUSIC. Someone recently asked me what TV show I am currently watching and I said, “do blogs count as TV shows?”
EM: You maintain a pretty busy schedule, between multiple residencies and tours. What would you say is the hardest thing about touring?  And which do you prefer: maintaining a long-term residency at one particular club or city, or touring?
V: My schedule is nonstop, like most traveling DJs. The hardest part is balancing out family and passion. I have a wife and a son who are a big part of my life. As easy as it is to take every gig that comes my way, I have to balance it all out. I love having long-standing residencies but at the same time I love experiencing new cities and countries… oh yeah, I like to eat!
EM: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us.  Anything you’d like to add or say to your fans out there?
V: I just hit #10 on America's Best DJ today! I would not have kept this passion in me if it wasn't for the people that come out night after night to dance to my music. THANK YOU! 

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NEW VIDEO: "I'm Just a Playa" @DurtyKash x @ZoRoMoCityDon x @YoungLace http://t.co/1Q8VMUYrA3 #Houston :-)