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Johnny Stimson - "Daddy's Money" (Follow Me Remix)

I came across the Brooklyn-based duo Follow Me on a late night Soundcloud bender a few months back, when Satin Jackets remixed their track "Somethin' Bout You". Since then, I have been following the two unknowns, patiently awaiting more material, which came courtesy of Usher and Alicia Keys' 2004 "My Boo," about a month ago. Follow Me remixed the infamous R&B production, slowing the beat and pitching down the vocals to create a dark dreamy variation of the original. A nice throwback, but nothing to write home about, the track was no comparison to their previous productions.

It is their latest release, a remix of Johnny Stimson's "Daddy's Money", that has struck my fancy once again, proving Follow Me is worthy keeping on the radar. In a note to fans on their Soundcloud page, the two state they are going back to their 80s inspired roots with this rework—giving listeners twinkly snyths rather than down-tempo R&B vibes. Stimson, another newbie, released "Daddy's Money" in August, giving listeners a happy-go-lucky pop output. Follow Me's rendition revs up the retro appeal supplying a jittering bassline and bouncy synths, while keeping the vocals intact. 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/110922869" params="/]

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Follow Me
7 years ago

@johnnystimson good looks! Thanks for the love guys!