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Magic Man - "Waves"

Hot off their new EP You Are Here (released September 10), Boston electro-pop band Magic Man is crashing upon us and pulling us willingly undertow with their standout track “Waves.” 

It begins like a time-lapsed daybreak, percussion cutting through the glowing synth like beams of sunlight filter through trees on a highway drive. And as frontman Alex Caplow’s vocals blaze onto the scene asking, “Hey, what the hell was on your mind that day?” you feel the ferocity of staring into the sun. Because, let’s face it, haven’t we all wanted to say that to someone at one point in time?

Misty synth cools down the tension, percussion splashes out a beat, pumping vocals propel the song forward, and it’s hard to not kick up your feet. At minute three, there’s a momentary reprieve, like floating out to sea, and we’re wanting the summer to last forever. The track is like a shaken up bottle of wistfulness and wanting, welcomingly washed up onto our shore. 

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The band, which alongside Caplow includes Sam Vanderhoop Lee (guitars and keys), Daniel Radin (bass), Justine Bowe, and Joey Sulkowski, has a real knack for constructing catchy hooks that create anthems. So if you like what you've heard here, go download their EP You Are Here, available now on iTunes.

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Jenn Aguinaldo
Jenn Aguinaldo
7 years ago

I cannot get enough of Magic Man. I've seriously been listening to "You Are Here" nonstop for months. I saw them live this year and it changed my life. They're going to be huge someday. :')