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You Took Your Time - Mount Kimbie (Oneman remix feat. Jeremiah Jae)

Taken from Mount Kimbie's latest masterpiece, Cold Spring Fault less Youth, featuring follow Londoner King Krule. The original is a defining track on the album taking the Mount Kimbie boys, Dominic Maker and Kai Campos, away from the organic beats of Crooks and Lovers and into a hip-hop sub-genre. When they announced that this album would be completely different to the former, the reaction was a mixture of fear and relief. Fear that their "new sound" would take them too far away from what made their debut so successful; but relief that they had ventured into the unknown instead of playing it safe.

There's always worry of too many cooks over the stove when a group of artists collaborate, but luckily these four have seemingly created something pretty darn great. Fellow Londoner, Oneman, starts off with King Krule's vocals with a quiet beat reverberating about as though it was recorded in a deep cave. However, a simple beat hits in and King Krule's voice is chopped and changed to the point where it starts to sound like Paul Wall. The stage is then set for the Flying Lotus associated act, Jeremih Jae, to drop some vocals that are as equally odd and fitting, with break beat percussion and bubbling synths. 

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Mount Kimbie are about to go on tour in North America with Jonwayne and D33J supporting them.

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