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Fundament X Fameless - Fameless

Mankind went to shit around the time of the Babylonian ethics, when Lord Marduk captured Mother Nature's last remaining homie, a dude named Kingu, "slashed the arteries of his blood and with his blood created mankind." Ever since then Earth has looked more and more like a crapper, with civilization after civilization spiraling down the toilet bowl of existence to pile at the bottom in one stinking mass. Most scientists today agree that mass is on the verge of being flushed, while others, such as popular musicians, invite you to look the other way.

Toronto emcee and human being Fundament falls somewhere in between the two. His introductory EP, Fameless, speaks to the inheritors of a crumbling economy and destabilized environment, that remain overwhelming aware of doomsday prophesies but view them as frivolous. To reference YOLO conspirator Drake, we're "far too gone" at this point to reverse the fate of the world.

Download: Fundament x Fameless - Don't Stop

Download: Fundament x Fameless - Magnifying Glass (feat. Coleman Hell)

So what does one do then on the eve of global catastrophe? Well, according to Fundament, you "Make less + live more, Kill life + die poor." Those are the pillars of Fameless.

Having hosted and performed at the some of the most exclusive hip-hop jams in the city of Toronto, Fundament brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his craft. He's worked with some big industry names like Action Bronson, Fashawn, Rittz and Emilio Rojas, and will follow-up this EP with a full-length mixtape called 15 Blocks, inspired by the brisk walk from his former pad in Montreal to classes at Concordia University.

Escapist to those attune to the sound of gunfire and tanks encroaching on their tomato patch, Fameless's wispy soundscapes, wavy rhymes and local references equally appease fans who've never stepped outside their own bubble. If you listen closely, you'll find Fundament's thought processes sober. It's his vibes that are faded.

Download: Fundament x Fameless - Dennisson BLVD

Download: Fundament x Fameless - Never That

Download: Fundament x Fameless - Something to Rememeber Me By

Fundament x Fameless "Don't Stop" [Official Video] from Fundament on Vimeo.



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