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Tezeo - "Last"

When I listen to a song for the first time, I tend to wait in an almost jaded state of anticipation for something to capture my attention. In the ever growing and heavily saturated world of electronic music, I find that it has become harder and harder for a song to stand out among the ranks. When a song does shine brighter than the rest, however, it’s like striking gold.

In this department, Brooklyn duo, Tezeo, have done us a service.

If you are familiar with any of their remixes, then you know there is never a dull moment. The music that they craft is so unique and refreshing, that it’s hard not to put their songs on repeat and just sit back. 

“Last”, the pairs newest track and second single off their upcoming full-length album, is no exception.  With an overall dark and dreamy vibe, the song opens by way of breathy synths and a warm, resonant bass line. Next we are greeted by what I can only assume would be the result of putting heavy reverb on the mic of a Muezzin reciting the call to prayer from atop a minaret. This, in addition to a drum track that calls to mind a tribal dance, nicely showcases the duos varied and worldly musical influences.

Another notable thing that the two share is their schooling. And honestly, how can you talk about Tezeo without addressing their education? Both Michael Beharie and Jeff Cristiani studied experimental music composition and free improvisation at Oberlin. This skill set comes out to play in the form of truly inventive melodies and counter melodies crafted with an intriguing variety of samples.

 One of my favorite parts about this track is how they created such a unique platform and then neatly, and with sonic perfection, laid a catchy pop song on top. This track really does have something for everyone.  There is also a pretty awesome break mid-song that only adds to the distinctive vibe.

 Their debut, full length album is due to be released October 8, and if “Last” and “Violet” are any indication, we are in for something that could change the often homogeneous landscape of electronic music forever.

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