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Somepling - Finally Lost [Album]

It's been a while since we had any smooth loopers in these whereabouts, and I'm not talking about that boring and cheesy elevator music. I'm talking about dynamic beats that continually make your head bob while simultaneously lacking an overbearing weight. The next act waiting in the wings is Somepling (Olivier Rousseaux), a French beatsmith with hip-hop influences. On the side, he also puts on a generous amount of jazzy spins on his lacings, making his sounds somewhat comparable to that of NomakMichita, or Nujabes.  

Somepling's latest and most recent project is called Finally Lost. It's a short, four-song album that represents his feelings of being restriction-free. It's an experimental album that he tries to deviate from his comfort zone. From the quick jazz style percussion of "Melt Kownia" to the majestic "Cylatha Map", the album is quite diverse in its sounds. Open your windows and relax to the intricate tunes of Somepling's Finally Lost.

Play: Somepling - PaperWashed

Play: Somepling - Cylatha Map

Play: Somepling - Flowering Gram

Play: Somepling - Melt Kownia




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