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Nyck Caution - "Wicked" (Prod. MF DOOM)

Pro Era is the textbook definition of what a modern day rap collective should look like. With fascinating and dense lyrical complexities and strong notions of brotherhood (breakout star Joey Bada$$ always tries to keep the production amongst the members and almost never does an interview without at least one of them around), it's no surprise that the group is one of the hottest acts around. Bada$$ and the late Capital Steeze had their own moments of huge success, but is it 19-year-old Nyck Caution's time to shine?

Download: Nyck Caution - Wicked

Normally, I would be hesitant to hear someone rap over an MF DOOM beat, but if it's Caution, I'll gladly press play. It's a shame that a lot of listeners breeze by his potent rhymes; "Hotbox" from the very successful PEEP: The aPROcalypse had the young rhymer dropping some pretty slick bars ("Look, yo assertive with this earth that keep me turbulent/Curve a chick when I see this teacher who observing him.") On "Wicked", Caution kills it with some clever wordplay that complements the piano-driven track while throwing in a few pop culture references, including '80s rockers Guns N Roses, "The Wizard of Oz" and "The Hunger Games". Cop the track and stay tuned for Nyck Caution's upcoming mixtape.    




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8 years ago

@thefckingera @NyckCaution y u actin up i thought u in an acura (?)