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Moby - "A Case For Shame" (Thom Green Remix)

Moby is one of those electronic producers who solidified their presence and importance in the electronic world in the early years of the budding electronic scene. His work and career is so diverse, media and fans have worshiped him like a legend. From ambient, downtempo, techno to hardcore breakbeat, Moby has done it all with undisputed quality, but this is all old news. Moby has been chugging along ever since the early 90s. Two decades later, he's still with us and as relevant as ever. Even with the quickly changing electronic scene, he still manages to keep up with the insane pace. 

About a month ago, he released a song called "A Case For Shame", which showcased the latest evolution in his style. With a looping piano and soulful overlaid vocals it's the classic Moby spice that die hard fans salivate over and a great introduction for new listeners. As proof of relevance in this day and age, the featured tune was targeted by none other than Thom Green, the drummer of Alt-J. Alt-J made a sensational first step into the indie world with their debut release An Awesome Wave not too long ago and have quickly converted legions of fans. 

The remixed version of "A Case For Shame" is more haunting than the original. A heavier weight is present as Green weaves in dark, ambient effects and percussive noises that somewhat resembles the style of Alt-J in an aloof sense. Stream below to immerse yourself in this beautiful remix. 

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