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MTNS - "Lost Track of Time"

MTNS's debut single, "Lost Track of Time", has stirred up the minimal electronic scene. Hovering around pop, yet expressing an overall ambient-influenced sound, Brisbane-based Tom Eggert, Joseph Thiang, and Robbie Hellberg rely on vocals, guitar, drums, bass, synth and samples to complete their sound. 

The trio recently released a music video to follow up the single's initial release about a month ago. Throughout the song, the chillwave vibe is fully captured by stunning-yet-sedated imagery venturing through a lush, pristine environment. As the track builds, we are presented with a sense of journey and exploration in continually making way off of a beaten path. 

The sonic quality is relaxed and electronically charged, with wisps of haunting synths and downtempo percussion. If this sets the stage for what their debut EP will sound like, count us in.

Ambient · Chillwave · Electronic · Pop


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