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Thugli - "Fuckwithme YouknowIgotit" (Thugli Remix)

Thugli puts their hands on the holy grail, remixing arguably the most stand out song on the whole project "Fuckwithme YouknowIgotit". The duo has really done a great job of keeping the original energy of the song but translating it into an energy suited for electronic festivals and fans who might not have signed their lives away downloading the Jay Z app. All jokes aside this is a great remix and it has been enlightening seeing the progress this young group has made.

Thugli has been playing all festivals across North America all summer and most recently played Toronto's Mad Decent block party. They plan on riding their wave into the coming months by releasing music and constantly traveling. Their previous remix of French Montana's "Marble floors" was another banger following the same recipe as this track. As they say, don't fix what isn't broken. Listen to "Fuckwithme YouknowIgotit" and be vigilant for new Thugli

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