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Gliffics - "Candy Girl" [Video]

Ever since films such as Scarface were released, the concept of going from rags to riches via drug trafficking has become serious inspiration  for many individuals. Though this "anti American dream" is frowned upon by the general public, it is unfair to deem people such as "Freeway" Rick Ross and Pablo Escobar as merely "criminals," as they were important figures within their respected communities. Though Brooklyn emcee Gliffics probably won't follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned magnates (he's come from various group homes and has risen despite these difficulties to become one of New York's top mortgage bankers), his story is nevertheless one to watch.

On "Candy Girl", we see the impending rise and fall of the rapper amongst numerous ladies and his drug of choice as he narrates his story within a church. Where the video really shines is the lack of natural light that is prevalent within the video, indicating a sense of mysterious nature. Check out the video down below and keep your eyes out for Gliffics next project.



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