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The Others - "One Man Show" (Feat. Lonette Charles) [Remixes]

Hot off the heels of his debut album, Red Planet, Dub Police heavy hitter The Others has set out to re-release the soulful single “One Man Show.” With a little help from dubstep figurehead J:Kenzo and the London duo Mak & Pasteman, the original track is now backed by a heavyweight remix package made for the dancefloor.

Utilizing Lonette Charles’ effortlessly moving vocals, J:Kenzo slows down the original even more, adding his own dose of ease and style. Delving deep into the melody, he explores the use of dusty drums and a meditative bassweight, making for an infectiously mind numbing audible journey. While Leeds house duo Mak & Pasteman’s blend a low-slung bassline groove with a driving synth, that aims to take the listener on a journey, each soul-induced step of the way. Both remixes pay homage to the original, yet manage to reveal a vast world of auditory wonders they rightfully created.  




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7 years ago

The J:Kenzo remix is pure weight. Asteroids levels.