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DJ Sidereal - "As We Proceed" (Feat. The Gooneez)

It's no argument that Cashmere Cat's remix of Miguel's "Do You..." is on a whole different level than the original; with it's  sweeping arpeggios and hard hitting hi-hats, the remix breathes new life into its predecessor. Naturally with all of this musical greatness going on, we'd like hear what the rap community can contribute to this. Enter DJ Sidereal, the 17 year old Minnesota native beat maker who you might have heard from the writeup I did on him last month. Getting together with the Southern California duo The Gooneez (who've worked with a multitude of artists including as Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar), "As We Proceed" combines the slick instrumentals of the remix and the smooth and rich rhymes supplied by the duo. "As We Proceed" will be featured on Sidereal's next project, S.I.D.E., which will be out sometime in mid-September.       

Download: DJ SIDEREAL - As We Proceed ft. The Gooneez (Prod. DJ SIDEREAL)



DJ Sidereal (Feat. The Gooneez

As We Proceed

  • July 23rd, 2013


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