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Gunnar Haslam - "Billowing Black Cloud"

One full length album in and still little to no information available regarding the face behind the music—aside from the note that he is based in NYC and signed to Brooklyn label L.I.E.S.—Gunnar Haslam retains anonymity despite his album Mimesiak making its way into the techno spotlight. The mystique in persona transcends well with the trippy and mesmerizing touch found in his music, giving me more aim to present to you one of the reasons you should bookmark this artist.

Stream: Gunnar Haslam - Billowing Black Cloud

“Billowing Black Cloud” serves as prime example of his exceptional talent, managing to put together a storming track under a time frame just shy of three minutes—without showing any sign of cutting corners. The sonic-waving helps nurture a tenacious stroke that complements the hardy drum patterns put together. One of the more captivating details I appreciated were the spooky vocals that get carried by the tell-tale-esque beating of the closed hi-hats. Finding a perfect break for release, the track’s last turn tightens the screw as it works a restless feel up until the song’s climactic end. And to think that all of this gets done in half the time a typical song of this sort does. Did I mention Haslam is supposed to be a "new-comer"? Hard to tell.

Available now on Juno Records, be sure to grab your physical copy of the entire release while you can. As for more information on the artist, time will only tell what else the future holds, but for now this will do just fine. 


Gunnar Haslam

Billowing Black Cloud

  • L.I.E.S.
  • 2013-07-22


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