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The Club - Week 56

Here at The Club, we know we have to stay on our toes. Beyond giving you the best in what you might have missed in house music this week, we also want to give you more of what you want before you know that you want it (lofty goals, we know). So, with the 56th edition under way, we'd like to debut our two new features: free downloads and mixes. We know that you miss the days of free downloads, and they deserve their own designated space. Make sure to check out the artists that offer these as they're usually doing it for a reason; like The Chainsmokers, who this week reached 50,000 Facebook followers and wanted to give back to their fans. And of course the mixes, podcasts and live sets we post won't be those you can find on any conglomerating site, but those that you need to dive a little bit deeper to find. Let us know what you think and Happy Weekend!


Dave Kurtis
More [EP]

Tiger Records

Up and coming German producer Dave Kurtis returned to Tiger Records this week with his next project, "More." Featuring the vocals of Akil Wingate, "More" continues the good work that we've seen from Kurtis so far: understated, groovy house with a touch of tribal that's got a little bit of everything for all types of fans. This EP boasts a true house version of the track as well as an electro-fied club mix, both of which get me really amped to see what's next from the Dusseldorf-based artist.

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Stream: More -

Stream: >Riva Starr - Nobody's Fool (feat. Rssll)

Stream: Adam Kancerski - Right Here, Right Now (Original Mix)

Stream: Sebastien Benett - Let Me See Those Hands (Original Mix)

Stream: Tune Brothers, Dacia Bridges, DJ Soulstar - I Begin To Wonder (DJ Soulstar Remix)

Stream: Execute & Cristian Marchi ft. Christine P - In Love with a Stranger (Original Mix)

Chrizz Luvly
S-O-S / Galaxy Contact

Dirty House Army

Hailing from the sun-soaked South American nation of Brazil, Chrizz Luvly never fails to impress. Earlier this year, he wowed me with “Demon”, a riveting, rambunctious ride that featured one of, if not the, best drop of the year. With this week’s release, we again travel into the hard electro house genre with two raging tracks. At first “S-O-S” caught me off guard with the Afrojack-like sample that starts the song, but soon the noise cuts off to reveal the true genius: a sprawling trance-infused journey through uplifting chords and a unique siren that slips in throughout the drop. After this, you have “Galaxy Contact”, a darker and less pronounced track that gathers momentum through a running synth line that plays off a pinging hi. Well done yet again, Luvly,

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Stream: Chrizz Luvly - S-O-S (Original Mix)

Stream:Chrizz Luvly - Galaxy Contact (Original Mix)

Stream: Dero & Robbie Rivera - Show Me Love (Original Mix)

Stream: EDX - Hazed (Extended Mix)

Stream: Danny Avila - Voltage (Original Mix)

Stream: East & Young Feat Tom Cane - Starting Again (Original Mix)

Stream: Chocolate Puma & Firebeatz - Sausage Fest (Original Mix)

Stream: Marco V, Alex Guesta, Stefano Pain - Quake (Original Mix)

Stream:AYDA - Magic (Original Mix)

Stream: Alex Gray Feat. Akami - Just For One Night (Original Mix)

Stream:A-Lab - Essex (Original Mix)

Stream:Throttle - Boombox (Original Mix)

Alex Seda
Stranger EP

Blu Music

The work of some small producers, “Stranger” is a track that feels old and new at the same time. Spanish producer Alex Seda joins Blu Music for his debut single on the imprint, creating a track that features upbeat synths and the vocals of D.U.Ivan together that sound like the work of a veteran producer. French duo Lumberjack also makes their debut appearance on the label, with a remix that is both funky and festival friendly at the same time.

Beatport Alex Seda on Soundcloud Lumberjack on Soundcloud

BT & Aqualung
Surrounded EP


Ahead of the August release of his album A Song Across Wires, the Grammy-nominated instrumental and trance pioneer BT has released a remix EP of his single with the British producer and singer Matt Hales, better known as Aqualung. Featuring the original production that’s impressive on its own, the EP also includes interpretations by Daniel van Sand & Ascend as well as the dubstep producer Sean Darin. BT also posted the 7” version of the track that features up and comer Au5, and is the most interesting of the three remixes because of its crossover appeal that develops over many twists and turns throughout the song.

Beatport BT on Facebook Aqualung on Facebook

Stream: Cosmic Gate - Crushed (Rafael Frost Remix)

Stream: Styller - What We Left Behind (Aaron Camz Remix)

Stream: Antillas & Vitodito feat. Fiora - Disconnected (Original Mix)

Stream: Boom Jinx, Maor Levi & Ashley Tomberlin - When You Loved Me (Juventa & Toby Hedges Remix)



Live at Mandarine, Buenos Aires


I’m not sure what I was expecting when I pressed play on this mix, but I can say without hesitation that I’m incredibly happy I did. With a recent release like “Inhale” I should have known that Beltek wouldn’t mess around with his live sets, and the Slovanian DJ and producer’s performance certainly reinforces this. From Tommy Trash and Dada Life to Dyro and Michael Calfan, the tracklist presents an unrelenting, star-studded affair that finds true magic in Beltek’s capable mixing hands. I now understand why he claims that this set comes from one of the “best nights of his life”. It’s just that good.

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