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Sasse - "Flushing Meadows" (Mark E Remix)

Mark E is a DJ/Producer synonymous with underground low tempo house music in both retro and modern domains. He's put out great releases on the likes of Running Back, Golf Channel, Internasjonal, and his own imprint MERC. His recent remix for Sasse's track, "Flushing Meadows" on Save-The-Black-Beauty, is stellar and moving. It's a slow builder with an underlying, chipping loop that teases the ears.

The beat remains constant and hard while the pads and chords play wonderfully around each other. The result is a track that evokes deep feelings without sounding repetitive. Mark E really has a knack for loops, grooves, emotion, and intelligence. This beauty is a limited release, 300 copy, vinyl gem. For more info on Mark E & Save-The-Black-Beauty, check out the links:




"Flushing Meadows" (Mark E Remix)

  • MERC
  • July 15, 2013


Deep House


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