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Blunder - "Rain Dance"

My first encounter with Blunder, a 20 year old MC from upstate New York, was purely serendipitous; I came across his Soundcloud page following an exchange I'd seen on Twitter with rapper Oncue- it became immediately apparent that I’d stumbled upon something special when I listened to his track “Rain Dance”.

Every artist has a story to tell and Blunder is no exception -  diagnosed with Mediastinal Large B-Cell Lymphoma Cancer on June 12th 2013, he has been in and out of  the hospital, recording new material whenever he comes home. “Rain Dance” gives the listener a window into his own arduous struggle through chemotherapy, in pouring raw emotion over a gritty beat that’s almost haunting, he manages to concoct the type of potent reflection that is sure to turn heads; this first offering is witty, dark and moving all in one dose and as a result should not be ignored.

I think collectively, we would all wish Blunder a speedy recovery whilst we wait for his imminent mixtape, Dorm Room Sessions, which he’s dropping independently in three weeks’ time.  “Rain Dance” will not be featured on it, but it is available to stream and download via Blunder’s Soundcloud.

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