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Cyclonix - "Esoteric Ideas"

In the past few of years, vinyl has slowly crept its way back into people's heart and, of course, the music industry. With such a saturated market these days, it's no surprise that some of the best, unique, and forward thinking music is being put out on vinyl-only imprints. Enter Horn Wax - a limited edition vinyl label out of the UK putting out interesting electronic music ranging from spaced-out dark electronica to euphoric deep house. Their latest release, Horn Wax Six, features a stellar track from John Wilcox aka Cyclonix.

"Esoteric Ideas" is a dreamy early-90's deep house influenced tune with a mysterious yet blissful atmosphere. The synths are shiny and drum patterns are stripped-back and moving. And rounding out the release is the B-side, which contains another solid track by PeopleGetReal/JoinOurClub called "Cain". Yes please! 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/99190851" iframe="true" /]

Unfortunately for the masses, this release is on vinyl only. It weighs 180 grams, hand stamped, and individually numbered. For more info on the artist, label, and where to get it, check out their pages. And also check out Cyclonix's radio show, Future Beats Show, on the superb, underground radio website, MyHouseYourHouse.




"Esoteric Ideas"

  • Horn Wax


Deep House


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