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Walking Shapes - "Zombies" (Feat. Ferrari Truck)

Brooklyn based five-man band Walking Shapes challenges us to encounter another unconventional-yet-relatable musical experience with “Zombies”, the second single from their new LP, Walking Shapes Mixtape Vol. 1. “Zombies”, a far cry from their debut single, “Pusher”, with its haunting, hallowed, chords and simple message, offers us a strange sort of calm that we can’t deny.

The combination of a steady, marching drum beat will certainly “call you to arms,” (as the lyrics suggest). A soothing and striking violin section that appears in the last half of the song is as shocking to our ears as is the clarity of the track’s resounding vocals and subject matter, somehow making us feel that everything is going to be okay, despite the fact that a zombie apocalypse might be nearing. The echoed guitar and piano combined with a sliding rainmaker bring us back to a place of Zen amidst a world of zombie-filled chaos. We thank Walking Shapes for sedating our anxieties with this lucid and tranquilizing track. 

Leading up to the release of their debut LP on July 30, Walking Shapes will be releasing one new track as a free download every Monday. This is not a deal to miss, people. Check up on their website at the start of the week and get your fill of this clean and intelligently-produced music.

Download: Walking Shapes - Zombies-feat. Ferrari Truck

-Kristine Musademba



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