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Dream Panther - "Chutes and the Ladder"

Los Angeles duo Dream Panther has been flying under the radar. The pair, Nick Kosearas and multi-instrumentalist Greg Sheran, recently released their debut single, "Chutes and the Ladder" via Chill Mega Chill, and it's a beautifully hazy offering with nostalgic instrumentation. There are all types of elements that peek through Sheran's atmospheric backdrop, ultimately creating a fusion of R&B, electronica and dream pop. Self-described as "post-gangster soul wave," Dream Panther's sound is a refreshing combination of smooth vocals and addictive production. "Chutes and the Ladder" is the first single off their EP, Beyonce's Child. Listen below.

Stream: Dream Panther - Chutes and the Ladder

Beyonce's Child is now available via Dream Panther's Bandcamp.

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