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YC The Cynic- "Molotovs At Poseidon" [Video]

While guns are a bit of a touchy topic these days, YC The Cynic has provided some impactful visuals (as well as great social commentary) for his new track "Molotov's At Poseidon." Amazingly shot in one take, the music video takes the audience through a simple game of trust, and dives us straight into a complicated Mexican Standoff sequence. The AaronisNotCool-directed video doesn't end in violence, but one thing is made clear- no one messes with YC The Cynic. 

The song itself uses a simple and brilliantly produced beat, and it is cleverly used as a backdrop  for the rhymes he lays down. YC The Cynic's previous work has already garnered him as one of the top underground acts to watch out for, and "Molotov's At Poseidon" only makes it only clearer why. This is the second single off the upcoming GNK, which will be released in August, and if this is any indication of what more is to come, then we here are Earmilk are excited. 

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